Thursday, July 28, 2011

Quote of the Week

Martin Luther King, Jr.
"Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?"
       - Martin Luther King, Jr.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Be Inspired.

Inspire: To motivate. To ignite feelings that compel the heart and mind.

I kept thinking about this topic for a month (or so), knowing it would be a tough blog entry and wanting it to be perfect. Inspiring others to action can be challenging. Why? Putting the words out in a blog is easy but motivating others to take action…’s up to the reader in the end. <3

So. This blog entry is about inspiring you. All of you. The reader. The mom who’s running errands and kids all over town. The young professional who works all day and just wants to get to a happy hour. The teenager who’s thinking about going to the movies with friends. The top executive who can’t leave the office and the only thing in the horizon is another day of busy work. The list goes on. <3


This is personal for me (hence the yearning to have it perfect) because I very much want people to help each other. I very much want people to have a thought for acts of kindness at the forefront.  I want people to think beyond their comfortable bubbles. Their regular schedules. I want it to be apart of everyday life where we all ask “What have I done today to help a friend, a stranger, a neighbor, etc. Are we doing enough?” There’s a whole world out there still untouched and I firmly feel that if we all contributed and did our own acts of kindness – there would be no more hurt and only more love. When you help others, you help yourself too <3.

"Let us touch the dying, the poor, the lonely and the unwanted according to the graces we have received and let us not be ashamed or slow to do the humble work."  Mother Teresa

Our Be the 1 Family, Cristina Zabel said “Being the One doesn't have to stop us if we have family of youngsters, it just means we have to be creative in our search of the place(s) that needs our talents. We may not be able to do it every week, but if we help once a month, that is 12x more a year than it we were did it last year.”

Cristina also said “I wish I could tell you that the giving part felt the best, but honestly, the best part as a mom was the memory with my boys on Saturday in the kitchen and their laughter. Then when my husband came home and the light in their eyes when they told him.”

Cristina, your family warmed my heart (and I’m sure many others) YOU inspire me. Thank you for your act of kindness. Imagine the appreciation and heartfelt gratitude from those at the Ronald McDonald House & Gift of Life Transplant House when they received the bread you and your children baked.
Be creative. Be inspired. Be the 1. What can you do today to touch the lives of someone who needs help? If you're already touching lives, is it enough? Can you do more? Don’t wait for tomorrow. Or the next day. Or the next day. I challenge you to have it in your foremost thoughts and do it now in as much capacity as you can. 

If you have a story to share of your act of kindness or show how you volunteered, please send me an email or post a comment and I’ll share it in a blog entry. (if you're already "being the 1" I want to hear from you too!)

Thank you for reading <3 and “Being the 1”

Quote of the week

Mother Teresa
"Let us touch the dying, the poor, the lonely and the unwanted according to the graces we have received and let us not be ashamed or slow to do the humble work."  Mother Teresa

Friday, July 8, 2011

"Social Media Fundraising" (how social media can boost fundraising opportunities)

Social Media has completely changed the playing field of raising funds for non-profit organizations and the likes. Instead of stomping the ground, annoying your co-workers or soliciting your kids parents – you have immediate and direct access to an entire network virtually. There's no excuse not  to use it.

In this blog entry, I'm going to touch on a few ways you can boost your fundraising opportunities and "Be the 1".

  1. First – pick a non-profit/charity/organization that you're passionate about their mission. In order to really attain success on maximizing donations – you have to have drive and motivation behind it. You'll lose fuel and momentum if you're indifferent about the results.
    1. Make a plan of action.
    2. How much do you want to raise?
    3. How many people can you reach and how?
    4. Do something unique. (For example – when I raised funds for "Over the Edge", I sold "property" on my t-shirt in exchange for donations. This is a great way to advertise a business, but also – some people really do want recognition for helping – that's a good thing!)
  2. Implement and Inspire
    1. Carry out your plan of action with hype and momentum. The only way to inspire ANYONE is to show the compelling aspects of the non-profit/charity/organizations mission. People want the story. They want to know how their funds are being used.
  3. Follow-up and through.
    1. Thank everyone and their mother. I'm serious. People want to be appreciated for their efforts. There may be an opportunity to come around and ask for donations again. They'll remember a thanks. And more then likely, they'll donate again. <3
  4. Tell your story – tell everyone how donations helped the non-profit/charity/organization. YOUR story may inspire and motivate others to "Be the 1".

My hope for this blog entry is to inspire others to help raise money and help others. A quote most fitting –  

"Dare to reach out your hand into the darkness, to pull another hand into the light. ~Norman B. Rice

I dare you to "Be the 1". Take on the dare and send me your story. I'll share it on this blog.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Volunteer Corner - Lots of Options!

The Volunteer Center at United Way of Olmsted County promotes community engagement by connecting individuals and groups in Southeastern Minnesota with rewarding volunteer opportunities. To help promote volunteerism, United Way of Olmsted County highlights a few opportunities each week. If you would like to receive this column or would like information on additional opportunities, contact United Way office at (507) 529-4831 or go to and click on the volunteer tab, then click on the link that says Go here to *Volunteer Now*.

Rochester pond and garden tour
The tour will also host educational activities to teach and inspire neighbors, neighborhoods, and businesses to incorporate “green” practices into their landscapes. Volunteers are needed to help monitor and manage the sites to be visited. Email or call 529-4150 for more information or to volunteer with RNeighbors, Rochester's Neighborhood Resource Center.

Thursdays on First and 3rd summer market and music festival
This event is used as a tool to broaden the community’s perspective of art and culture and to make a tangible connection to their own lifestyles. The 2011 event runs every Thursday from June 9th through September 1st. Volunteers work alongside our staff to assist with set-up and tear-down as well as operate the informational booth. Call 424-4744 for more information or to volunteer with Rochester Downtown Alliance.
Caring hands (hand massage)
Caring Hands massage is light and gentle hand massage that is provided for patients, family members or staffs who have a need to decrease stress, anxiety or could benefit from some caring touch. Hand massage is a valuable complimentary service for patients and family members. Call 255-5653 for more information or to volunteer with Saint Marys Hospital Auxiliary Volunteers.

Classroom volunteer
Join us in our classrooms to ensure positive beginnings for all young children and their families. During your volunteer time you will have fun playing games, singing songs, and having fun with preschool age children. Call 287-2020 for more information or to volunteer with Child Care Resource And Referral.